SLIM Bezel SKX007 LX Style / Sand Blasted

SLIM Bezel SKX007 LX Style / Sand Blasted

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  • 316L steel
  • Sand Blasted
  • Unidirectional & 120 click functional
  • LX Style Bezel


  • Bezel Gasket included (Gasket slot is slimmer.  Please make sure gasket is fully installed evenly.  Stretching out the gasket evenly as needed.  Heating the gasket won't be required.)
  • Slim 3M double side sticker included

*Slim Bezels are thinner than usual normal/traditional sized bezels. They will sit lower than normal bezels when installed.  You will need following type of Sapphire Crystals,  depends on type of insert desired also.   

Recommend to install with following Sapphire(s) per desired type of Insert

  • Flat Insert: CS0801, CS1101 & CS1201
  • Sloped Insert: CS0801 & CS0601
  • GMT movement: CS0801

CS0601 is Flat (for sloped insert)

CS0801 is Concave type (for All type insert)

CS1101 is Double Dome (for flat insert)

CS1201 is Flat (for flat insert)